All of our church plants use the name "Iglesia Cuerpo de Cristo", which is the name associated with Christian churches in the Dominican Republic.  Each of our 6 congregations has their own facility and operates separately from the others, but they regularly engage in  joint services where some or all of the congregations will worship and fellowship together.  The pastors also meet regularly for Bible study and prayer together

Punta Cana Christian Church

Location: Verón, Punta Cana (Villa Esperanza)

The Punta Cana Christian Church was founded in the fall of 2007 and regular weekly services began in January 2008. The church began in a large white tent and continued gathering together in this tent until the completion of the auditorium in the fall of 2012. The name of the neighborhood where the auditorium is located is named “Villa Esperanza,” or “The Village of Hope.” We pray that the Punta Cana Christian Church will continue to share the “real hope,” Jesus Christ, to the surrounding area of Veron.

Higuey Christian Church

Location: Higuey (Villa Cerro) 

The Higuey Christian Church was founded on May 22, 2011 with its inaugural worship service. Through the partnership of the Bible Church in Higuey, EDCM was able to obtain an already existing church building and begin services immediately. EDCM remodeled the church building by painting it, landscaping, adding ceiling fans and building much needed bathrooms. In January 2011, Victor and Heidy Hernandez answered God’s calling in their lives to move their family from Costa Rica to the Dominican Republic to begin pastoring the Higuey Christian Church.

In July of 2016, God called Juan and Marianella Diaz to relocate to the Higuey and begin leading the congregation.  Their son, Harold, also serves the Higuey congregation as the associate/youth pastor.

La Romana christian church

The La Romana Christian Church was originally founded by Dominican pastors Benito and Rosa Martinez in the fall of 2002. They began holding services in their living room, but were quickly out of space. Therefore, they began holding the services in the carport of their home.  In September 2003, upon being invited, missionaries Rick and Suzanne York arrived in La Romana to help take the leadership of the La Romana Christian Church. Soon after the arrival of the Yorks, the congregation decided it was time to find a larger, more permanent place of worship. After praying for several months, God opened the doors for the new congregation to meet in part of a building called the “Centro Mutualista.” The church began meeting in the rundown auditorium of the Centro Mutualists with promises to remodel and repair. Needless to say, the church gladly repaired the auditorium and had its inaugural service in February 2004.The LRM Christian Church still resides in the Centro Mutualista where it has continued to make repairs and reach the community under the direction of Pastor Victor Hernandez and his wife, Heidy.  

Brisas del mar Christian Church

Our newest church plant is located in the community of Brisas del Mar on the outskirts of La Romana.  Using the same location as our medical outreach, we are ministering to the spiritual needs of the area as well.  Bible studies are already being held in the community and  worship services will begin soon.  

Anna mulla and Otra Banda Christian Churches

Ana Mulla and Otra Banda are both provinces on the outskirts of the city of Higuey, and both areas have large Haitian populations.  The churches in these areas, lead by Pastor Antonio, joined Eastern Dominican Christian Mission in 2015 and are predominantly Haitian congregations.