Our Staff

  • Ryan  Vandelinde

    Executive director

    Ryan and his wife Erin joined EDCM as missionaries in 2008.  Ryan now serves as the Executive Director.  They have 3 children: Micah, Josiah, and Analise.

  • Victor and Heidy Hernandez

    Pastor, La Romana Christian Church

    Victor joined EDCM in 2011 as the lead pastor of the Higuey congregation before moving to La Romana in 2016, where he now leads the La Romana church.  He and his wife Heidy have 2 children: Abigail, who is studying to be a doctor, and Cristian, 20.   

  • Juan and Marianela Diaz

    Pastor, Higuey Christian Church

    Pastor Juan joined EDCM in 2016 as the lead pastor of the Higuey Christian Church congregation. He and Marianela have two adult children, Fany and Harold.

  • Harold and Taylor Diaz

    director of pastoral development

    Director of Communications

    Harold joined EDCM in 2016, along with his parents Juan and Marianela, as the youth minister at Higuey Christian Church.  Harold now works  to develop leadership and provide pastoral support in all of the church plants. Harold and Taylor married in November, 2019.  Taylor manages social media and acts as the in-country liaison for short-term missions teams.  The couple reside in Higuey.

  • Franklin and Ilonka Francisco

    Pastor, Punta Cana Christian Church

    Franklin and Ilonka joined EDCM in 2007 after relocating to Punta Cana from the northern city of Esperanza. Franklin is the lead pastor of the Punta Cana congregation while  Ilonka serves as the director of the school.  The two are parents to Cristopher and Alondra and doting grandparents to a grandson, Chrisdiel.

  • Jordany and vivian Castillo

    Pastor, Brisas del mar Church

    Jordany and his wife have been active members in the La Romana church for several years.  Starting in 2019, Jordany is leading our newest church plant in the community of Brisas del Mar on the outskirts of La Romana.  Jordany and his wife Vivan have two children, Aashka and Abdel.

  • Pastor Antonio Ojeda

    lead pastor of Otra Banda and Ana Mulla christian churches

    Antonio leads the congregations in the Haitian villages of Otra Banda and Ana Mulla.  He has been ministering with EDCM since 2015.

  • dr. Euri FAbian Cordero

    Director, Brisas Del Mar medical clinic

    Dr. Euri, a general practice physician, serves as Director of "Mision Esperanza," a medical outreach in Brisas del Mar.  Euri worships and serves in  the La Romana congregation.  

  • Fatima Altagracia

    nurse, Brisas Del Mar medical clinic

    Fatima works as the lead nurse with "Mision Esperanza" in the Brisas del Mar community.  She has been working with EDCM and Dr. Cordero since 2016.

  • Paula Rodriguez

    In-country Accountant

    Paula handles all administrative and bookkeeping tasks that occur within the Dominican Republic.  She is a regular attender at the La Romana church.  

  • Glenda Donaldson

    mission administrator

    Although Glenda has been associated with EDCM for several years, she officially joined the staff in early 2019 as the Mission Administrator.  Glenda and her husband, Mark, have 3 sons: Jed, Justus and Josiah.